Wind Beneath My Wings


Photo © Yew Boon Cheat, ED(Operations), CPG India. (Spot the eagle in the picture!)

Welcome to the CPG Architecture Group’s Blog. The vision behind setting up this blog, was to allow a conduit through which CPG’s architects and staff in the Group can write about their projects, share opinions, talk about a recent experience, and so on, in our own corner of Cyberspace.

The younger (and young at heart) amongst us who are familiar with Web 2.0 tools, blogging, Facebook and other social interaction media would be very familiar with the interface. It is a platform where we can express our views and proudly record our achievements and showcase our work in a very informal way.

A group spearheading this effort will be persuading our staff to be more “vocal” on the Internet – talking about our work and our take on life working in CPG (and anything else in general).

Like the eagle soaring in the air, lifted by the wind beneath its wings, let us take off to new heights!

You are encouraged to contribute articles to this Blog. Let’s hear it from CPG !!

Khew Sin Khoon – EVP(Architecture Group)
1 February 2010

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