Touching the Earth Lightly: Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre

Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre - Aerial View

Besides working on school projects, Studio A makes an occasional foray into other types of facilities that come under the broad heading of “public education”, such as the Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre at Kranji Way. Conceived as a second learning gateway to the experiential trails at the new Sungei Buloh Wetland Park (currently known as Kranji Nature Trail) and the conserved grounds of the Wetland Reserve, the upcoming Visitor Centre consists of a series of simple pavilion structures that starts out as a linear spine, which leads visitors towards the park before transforming into a pinwheel structure, with fingers that radiate out into the surroundings.

Edwin Lee, who leads the team of design consultants on the project, describes the Visitor Centre as a return to the basic concept of sheltering a space, in keeping with the principle of minimal intervention at the grounds. In fact, the roofs of the pavilions are designed as simple inclined planes that are intentionally devoid of any articulation or detail, as any nooks and crannies will become potential hiding places for wildlife in the area. Pitched upon a slender series of columns, these thin roofs float above the spaces, lightly enclosed by walls that slide unobtrusively into the greenery beyond.♦

1 Visitor Centre Aerial_1

Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre - Aerial View

2 Visitor Centre_1

Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre

3 Visitor Centre Interior_1

Sungei Buloh Visitor Centre

4 Education Centre_1

Education Centre

5 Forest walk_1

Forest Walk

6 canopy walk_1

Canopy Walk

7 Observation Hide_1

Observation Hide

8 Observation Hide_1

Observation Deck

9 Observation Hide at Freshwater swamp_1

Observation Hide at Freshwater Swamp




Project Information

Client : NParks

Design Team : CPG Consultants/Thomas Woon/Atelier Dreiseitl

CPG Consultants : Edwin Lee, Lan Wanyun, David Ong

Landscape Designer : Atelier Dreiseitl

Expected Completion : December 2013

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