Golf Course Planning: A Compilation of Research Data from the Yangshuo Guilin Project

Golf Course Design

Golf Course Planning: A Compilation of Research Data from the Yangshuo Guilin Project
by Alivio Jon Carlo

Golf courses have been a recurrent requirement from developers of new townships in Asia, especially in recent years. Whilst golf club architecture is considered a separate and specialized field of design, it is important for planners to have a good understanding of how golf courses work in order to properly allocate the appropriate parcel for it, in terms of size & location, in the master plan.

In 2011, CPG Urban Planning worked on a master plan for a new residential development to be developed around the periphery of a championship-standard 18-hole golf course. The site is 2000 mu (亩)or 130 ha in size, nestled within a dramatic landscape of hills that is typical of Yangshuo in Guilin, China, where this project is located. The natural beauty of the site made it ideal for a residential development, but the challenge for the planners was to determine if a championship-standard 18-hole golf course could also be integrated within it, given the complex topographical situation.

Research had to be undertaken on the design and functionality of a golf course, and the following represents a compendium of the data gathered with regards to the subject for future reference.

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