See Things Differently

See Things Differently
Text and Photography by Paul John Sampana

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Every day you walk through the streets and see random things along the way. They may be buildings, landscape, scenery and even human faces and their unique expressions. All these things could seem ordinary and usual, but once you look at them from another perspective, a different story is created. Seeing things is not enough, you also have to feel the thing that you want to capture and hopefully, others who see it will share the same feeling too.

Just like in the eyes of our CPG designers, where there are thousands of solutions and possibilities in designing a building, the same goes in photography – you see things differently but the most exciting part is you can never be right nor wrong (oh yeah!). You see beauty in the ordinary and in the things that often go unnoticed, and the joy comes from never being quite sure of what exactly you are going to capture in that moment.

I‘d rather have a badly exposed photograph which conveys a certain message than a technically perfect print that has no story” – Patrick Martires♦

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