New Learning Hub at Nanyang Technological University

NTU Learning Hub 01

CPG is working in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio on an exciting new project at the NTU. The new Learning Hub broke ground on 12 October 2012, and is one of 14 new physical developments that are being built at NTU within the next three years, under the University’s Campus Master Plan that will transform the NTU campus into a “univer-city”.[1]

The new Learning Hub stems from a simple idea: that people learn best from one another. By bringing students together in a university environment, they can collaborate to develop their thoughts further and faster than would be possible alone.

With interaction as its core function, the building is designed to encourage connections, with a generous circulation space and atrium at the focus of activity. State-of-the-art tutorial rooms of various sizes are stacked into towers, which cluster together and look out into this central space. In turn, the tutorial rooms enliven the interior by displaying the many activities taking place within. From the outside, the different rooms that make up the Hub are expressed strongly in its curving form.

The building is open to students both for scheduled classes and for informal use, and as such is accessible 24 hours a day. In this spirit of openness, the building has generous entrances on all sides allowing students to approach it with ease from any direction.

Upper levels and rooftops are available to students for less formal activities, with gardens, shaded terraces, and pergolas. Generous planting at the roof reflects NTU’s status as a Garden Campus.

The Learning Hub is a new type of building, a focus for student activity with a design that expresses the high aspirations of the University.♦

Images: Heatherwick Studio

3 Responses

  1. choomengfoo says:

    In all its effort to break new ground in creating an environment for learning, it has shed all notion of its identity and context of being located in NTU, especially its humble beginning as an institution of learning dedicated to educating the Chinese and promoting the 南洋 culture. It has instead embrace the future of a global outlook without any semblance of retaining its historical tradition. Its looks like an outcast sitting among the last modernist’s assertion and the Chinese-roof-over-the-colonial style building. It reflects the western youth rejection of history and the generation before them, as Mike and Mechanics’ song, ‘the last generation blames the generation before’ sounded the same 30 years ago. Identity becomes an assertion of newness and individualism. Nouveau is synonymous with creativity and vitality.

  2. Dominic Loke says:

    Being an alumni for both the undergraduate and graduate level, separated by some 10 yrs, I’ve personally witnessed the physical and cultural transformation of this institution. It’s forward-looking, technologically advanced, and very, very pragmatic. In other words, very much Singaporean :-)
    Nevertheless, echoing Choo Meng Foo’s words above it shall be nice if while keeping an eye on the future we can have rememberance of the past, in particular to honor the sacrifices of the pioneers before us.
    If the University can do something to raise the awareness of the younger generations about its colorful and storied past that would be the icing on the cake.

  3. Eric says:

    I will be visiting Singapore next week and would like to know whether this building actually exists or is still a project because I cannot find its location anywhere. Can someone tell me where it is physically located ? I’m passionate about architecture and would like to visit this building for real. Thanks a lot for your help !

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