On the Drawing Board: INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation

Interpol CPG

On the Drawing Board: INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
by Daniel Chen and Maureen Soh

The proposed INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) is to be located at the heart of the city area at Napier Road, which would give Interpol easy access to the international community, as well as its local partners. 

The curved form of the Interpol building, together with the glass and cladding design, imparts a sleek and futuristic expression which corresponds to the intrinsic functions of the IGCI. The building’s axis aligns to Grange Road, and to complement the main curved form, façade peel-outs are designed at differing locations on each floor. This not only piques visual interest but also generates pockets of interesting interior spaces.

Luxuriant landscaping encircles the building’s base and on a 2nd storey landscape deck, softening and contrasting the man-made form with verdant greenery. Located in close proximity to the Botanic Gardens, the existing site is blessed with plenty of mature trees, which provide ample shade and picturesque views. Being a tree conservation area, the challenge started during the site planning stage where the trees to be retained were identified and measures formulated to protect them.

As the development is to achieve both Leed and Green Mark Platinum, a number of sustainable strategies will be put in place. Some of the potential features are:

  • Rainwater harvesting to minimize water consumption
  • Use of photovoltaic cells to supplement power
  • Bio-retention basins to treat surface runoff and prevent flash floods
  • Extensive landscaping with native vegetation
  • The narrow width of the curved plan ensures deep light penetration, allows views and reduces demand on artificial lighting

With its distinctive urban form,  as well as the innovative strategies used in integrating a state-of-the-art building with the environment, the new Interpol Global Complex for Innovation is expected to stand out as a district landmark when it is completed.♦

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