CPGI’s first Cancer Centre in India opens!


CPGI’s first Cancer Centre in India opens!
by Manjunath Nayak

Recently, CPG India Pvt Ltd completed one of its first healthcare projects in Hyderabad, India for Apollo Hospitals, India, a premier private sector healthcare services provider. With over 8,500 beds over 50 hospitals in south Asia, Apollo Hospitals is the largest healthcare provider in Asia and the third largest globally.

The Apollo Cancer Centre is a specialty center with about 50,000 sqm of space within the 30 acre site of Apollo Health City, Jubilee Hill in Hyderabad. The project involved the addition of a new five storey extension with new facilities for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer and the refurbishment and consolidation of existing facilities at the Cancer Centre.

The new wing included the addition of a reception and waiting area, consultation rooms, inpatient beds, treatment rooms and a bunker to house state-of-the-art Radiotherapy equipment. The brief also called for a facelift to the facade to reflect a modern and contemporary image for the New Cancer Center.

The architects at CPGI designed a sinuous and free flowing building form to house the new facilities and to create a fresh new look to the Cancer Centre. The curved forms are further accented with horizontal strips of aluminum cladding and staggered windows to create a deliberately asymmetrical and dynamic façade.

One of the challenges of designing curved forms in glass is a faceted appearance where, typically, standard flat glass panels are installed along a curve. However in this project, the Clients shared our designers’ vision of carrying the design intent to the finest detail in the finished product. Hence post-formed curved glass panels, sourced from local suppliers in India, were used to clad the facade, giving it a smooth, sinous curvilinear appearance.

Natural daylight is brought into the basement where the Radiotherapy bunker is located, to create an open and uplifting mood for the patients and staff alike. This is achieved with a glass-enclosed multi-volume atrium space that reaches up to the upper levels of the building.

The juxtaposition of voids in between the floors animates an otherwise functional healthcare building by creating vertical visual connectivity and openness within the building which aids very effectively in wayfinding.

The Apollo Cancer Hospital, inaugurated on the 20th of March 2010 by the Governor Mr. E.L.S. Narasimhan, is unique in the healthcare industry of India featuring the latest equipment in the treatment of cancers, like Novalis TX, a cutting-edge technology in radio surgery and radiation therapy.

Mr. Robin Wong, Senior Consultant (Architecture) and a veteran healthcare architect from CPG Singapore shares, “The completion of Apollo Cancer Hospital marks an important milestone for CPG in India. We have incorporated the best practices in hospital design and hope it will set a benchmark for the design of future hospitals to be built. We hope that the hospital will serve its users well and provide a conducive environment for the patients in their healing process.”

Manjunath Nayak, Architect, CPG(India)

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