Setia Eco Cascadia – Living in Nature’s Miracle

Setia Eco Cascadia

‘We are constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life. Instead of getting out to nature, Setia Eco Cascadia now brings nature to you. No long drives out of the city; simply step out of your home and be embraced by mother nature, right in the heart of the city.’

CPG Studio I is the masterplan designer and architect for the Setia Eco Cascadia township – the latest project under the eco range of S P Setia, which is set to take eco-living in Johor Bahru to new heights. Phase 1 of the development was officially launched on 10 December 2011, and the project has recently moved on to Phase 2.

Image Source: SP Setia

Details of the masterplan and architectural design can be found in the January 2012 issue of the CPG newsletter, an extract of which is included here:

The masterplan made use of the existing terrain and waterfalls as the focal point of the township, offering an unparalleled eco-living experience. Natural terrains were well preserved, while the landscapes were carefully sculptured to avoid damaging the natural environment. Trees that were levelled during the construction were replanted and flora and fauna were carefully conserved.

The homes of Setia Eco Cascadia sit along beautiful landscapes surrounded by stunning views of natural waterfalls. The first precinct of Setia Cascadia is called ‘Foresta’, which consists of 2-storey and 3-storey terraced houses. The names of the houses are inspired by the wonders of nature – trees, with names like The Mahogany House, The Oak House, The Walnut House, etc. Future precincts will see the introduction of semi-detach, cluster homes and bungalow variants.

An amazing feature of the development is the linear gardens. This unique concept links the rear gardens of residences into a network of dazzling green park connectors offering residents a car-free walkway from their back gardens all the way to fully-equipped communal clubhouses and waterfall locales. This green network effectively separates pedestrian from vehicular circulation, ensuring a safe environment for those on foot, and a smooth path for vehicular traffic.

Another signature feature is the Bioswale, a unique ecologically-attuned facility that filters rainwater before discharging it into the drainage system. It will also double up as an attractive aesthetic monument that flows along the central green landscape towards the main waterfall park.♦

CPG Design Team
Phase 1: Peter Wong, Jane Ong, Sim Jie Han, I Gde Ngurah Widiadnyana, Legawa Widyatmaja, Renee Santos Atayan, Phan Kieu My
Phase 2: Peter Wong, Vivien Leong, I Gde Ngurah Widiadnyana, Legawa Widyatmaja, Renee Santos Atayan, Mochammad Kemal Ramadhan

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