Every Architect’s Dream


A fellow architect I once worked with burst out in frustration after a particularly trying session with a particularly trying client, for whom we were designing a vacation home,  “All I really want to do is to design my own house! Isn’t that every architect’s dream?”

Indeed. Which architect hasn’t dreamed about designing his own house? Well, at least one of us at CPG has been there and done it – Patrick Tan’s house, a 50-year old terrace house that he completely re-designed and reconstructed, was recently featured in Singapore Architect (“Of Light Green Space“, SA Issue 266). It’s no walk in the park, as Patrick will tell you, juggling work and teaching in the day, and family and design at night, especially since the house was designed and built within a short period of 10 months.

So how did Patrick manage to do it all? He smiles in reply, ” My wife is also my client.”

Ah yes, of course.♦

01 Reading room

Reading Room

02 Attic


03 View from attic_1

View from Attic

04 View from attic_2

View from Attic

05 Master Bath 1

Master Bath

06 Master Bath 2

Master Bath

07 courtyard2_edit_s


08 courtyard_1


09 courtyard_3


10 Family Area

Family Area

11 Spiral Stair

Spiral Stair

12 Skylight


13 Green Wall

Green Wall

14 Patio


15 Dining Room

Dining Room

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Sectional Model

Sectional Model

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