BIM-BUZZ 2011 @SINGAPORE: Building A Complete BIM Model Within 48 hours

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BIM-BUZZ 2011 @SINGAPORE: Building A Complete BIM Model Within 48 hours
by Webb Poh

This 48-hour international BIM (Building Information Modelling) Competition 2011 was jointly organised by buildingSMART Singapore and BCA, and took place in September last year. Within the 48 hours, we had to complete a BIM model and document the design, analysis and construction of the building. The theme for the competition was “BIM for Sustainable Design”, and teams were required to demonstrate the following:

  1. A complete BIM model incorporating as many disciplines as possible (architecture, structure and M&E)
  2. Demonstrate the collaborative capability of BIM and its benefits as many as possible within a short time (e.g. conceptual design, modelling, documentation, simulation/analysis, walkthrough, quantity take-off, crash detection etc.)
  3. Creativity & Innovation: Use of BIM for better sustainable or buildable design
  4. Presentation style that shows team work effort and time management
  5. Interoperability across various software platforms (e.g. Modelling to simulation/rendering)

I took part in this competition with a group of AEC professionals from various firms in Singapore, and after a gruelling 48 hours of intense work and no sleep, I’m happy to report that our entry won a ‘Special Mention for Best BIM Design”. Here is a video of our entry – enjoy!♦

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